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Sobriety and Me

Our mission is to educate the youth on how to abstain

from drug use and other negative behaviors


About Us: 

S.A.M. Sobriety and Me, Inc S.A.M. Sobriety and Me, Inc (S.A.M.) is a nonprofit (501©3) organization dedicated to educating youth (K-12) on the devastating consequences of substance abuse within their own lives and the community. We believe equipping our youth with the right knowledge and techniques can successfully steer them away from all self-destructive behaviors. Our philosophy at S.A.M. aligns with the age-old adage that an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure. Sobriety and Me is committed to proactively reaching children with a preventive program that educates them on the physical, mental, and behavioral impacts of drug use. If we organize and address this dilemma on a community level, I know we can gain control over this nation’s consciousness about sobriety. Info about the bus.


Our Sponsors keep the Mission going. 

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